Product Spec Sheets

Microspersion® 411-50

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 29, 2013

MICROSPERSION 411-50 is a unique combination of micronized polyethylene wax and PTFE which has been formulated into an aqueous wax dispersion at 50% solids. MICROSPERSION 411-50 allows the formulator to use highly efficient micronized waxes in liquid form.

MICROSPERSION 411-50 has been formulated as a high performance additive for maximum lubricity and gloss retention when incorporated into aqueous systems. The combination of PE/PTFE is designed for increased heat resistance and lubricity when added at low usage levels. The unique characteristics of MICROSPERSION 411-50 eliminate the problem of "flotation" or "defoamer kickout" which is common when using other types of wax dispersions.

Additions of 4.0%-8.0%* of MICROSPERSION 411-50 will provide optimum performance.

MICROSPERSION 411-50 can be used in all types of printing inks, paints and coatings. However, MICROSPERSION 411-50 is especially recommended for use in the following areas:

Flexographic (paper or film), packaging gravure (paper or carton) and publication gravure printing inks; water reducible wood finishes, coil coatings, industrial finishes; aqueous coatings for two piece cans and folding cartons.

*Based on Total Formula Weight