Product Spec Sheets

Fluo HTI-2

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 30, 2013

FLUO HTI-2 is a micronized polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) which has been developed for use in areas where excellent heat resistance, slip and rub resistance are required. FLUO HTI-2 has been processed to a 1.0-2.0 NPIRI grind gauge reading to allow for easy dispersion into printing inks and coatings. Due to its very fine particle size, FLUO HTI-2 can either be pre-dispersed into a paste or added directly into most inks and coatings with conventional mixing equipment.

FLUO HTI-2 is most effective when used at low levels (1/2-1%) as an additive to either our MP grades of micronized synthetic waxes or our MPP grades of micronized polyethylenes. A low percentage of FLUO HTI-2 gives the most dramatic improvement. The addition of a small amount of FLUO HTI-2 along with our grades of waxes or polyethylenes allows each material to perform with maximum efficiency.

FLUO HTI-2 is especially recommended for use in Heat-Set, Quick-Set, IR, UV and Metal Decorating Printing Inks and Overprint Varnishes as well as Industrial and Release Coatings.

At temperature above 600°F, some polymer fumes may be emitted due to oxidation of the fluorocarbon polymer. Therefore, smoking should not be permitted when working with this material. Refer to MSDS.

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