Product Spec Sheets

Microspersion® 519

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 30, 2013

MICROSPERSION 519 is a specially formulated wax polymer which has been designed for use in aqueous systems and formulated into an aqueous wax dispersion at 40% wax solids. MICROSPERSION 519 allows the formulator to use a highly efficient micronized wax in liquid form.

The MICROSPERSION 519 wax polymer will impart immediate and longer-lasting water repellency when added to water based stains, paints and coatings. Its unique composition combines the synergistic properties of several waxes to produce consistent, long-lasting water beading and weather resistance. MICROSPERSION 519 can also be used in combination with silicas to improve weather resistance.

Additions of 2.0% - 10.0% of MICROSPERSION 519 will provide optimum performance.

MICROSPERSION 519 is recommended for use in the following areas: water based paints, stains and coatings over wood, masonry, metal and leather substrates, water reducible flexographic inks, aqueous overprint varnishes.