Product Spec Sheets

Micropro 500

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 31, 2013

MICROPRO 500 is a finely micronized, modified polypropylene wax which is characterized by its high melt point and solubility resistance along with ease of dispersion in both polar and non-polar systems.

MICROPRO 500 is formulated from harder and higher molecular weight polymers in order to provide improved mar and rub resistance when compared to the lower melt point and more soluble synthetic and polyethylene waxes.

The main characteristics of MICROPRO 500 include:

  • micronized to a 7.0-9.0 micron mean particle size for easy dispersion with a high speed mixer; eliminates the need for grinding or melting.
  • high melt point and molecular weight.
  • resists solvent absorption and particle swelling in aromatic solvents due to its high degree of insolubility.
  • improved mar, scratch, and metal marking resistance.
  • optimum burnishing or polishing resistance when used in low or medium gloss finishes.
  • excellent anti-blocking effect in roll or stacking operations.

APPLICATION AND USE LEVELS: Addition of MICROPRO 500 levels of 0.5% to 2.0% (based on total formula weight) will impart optimum resistance to mar and abrasion in paints, printing inks, and coatings. At levels of 2.0% to 5.0%, MICROPRO 500 becomes a very efficient matting agent that stays in suspension, resists burnishing, and will not lose its effect over an extended period of time. When MICROPRO 500 is used in conjunction with silica flatting additives, its low density helps to keep the additives in suspension and will improve metal marking resistance.

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