Product Spec Sheets

NyloTex 50

August 7, 2013

The NYLOTEX products are finely micronized polyamides that are manufactured using unique processing methods to produce controlled texture additives. The particle size is meticulously monitored to produce a uniform textured surface in all types paints and coatings.

NYLOTEX exhibits a higher melt point than standard polyolefins making it suitable for high temperature applications. The higher melting point of NYLOTEX will insure a consistent texture even at high baking or curing temperatures.

The level of addition depends on the degree of texture desired. Usually, adding 4-6% based upon resin solids of NYLOTEX will give a moderate textured finish.

Since NYLOTEX can be easily dispersed into all types of paints and coatings using a high speed mixer, the need for pre-dispersion or grinding are not necessary.

Typical Applications: Coil Coatings, Powder Coatings, Industrial Paints & Finishes and Floor Coatings.