Product Spec Sheets

SuperGlide 904XF

Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

August 12, 2013

SUPERGLIDE 904XF is a modified amide wax designed for use in paints, coatings and wood finishes where scratch resistance, smooth "hand feel" and consistent gloss control are desired. This unique product will also impart lubricity and blocking resistance without incurring the expense or settling characteristics of PTFE.

The particle size distribution is closely controlled by laser diffraction analysis. Unlike other wax additives for wood finishes, SUPERGLIDE 904XF can be easily incorporated using standard equipment without the need of further grinding or melting.

SUPERGLIDE 904XF can be used in low gloss pigmented coatings on wood and metal substrates to impart anti-settling properties while providing gloss control and a smooth, non-abrasive feel. The use of SUPERGLIDE 904XF in low gloss systems will also provide polishing or burnishing resistance usually associated with silica additives.

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