Product Spec Sheets

Patented Wax Technology For UV COATINGS

Released by Shamrock Technologies, Inc.

March 14, 2014

Leadership demands experience,

curiosity, inventiveness and vision.

Shamrock is a science company.

Shamrock provides industry with natural and synthetic intermediate materials. For almost 75 years we have

designed, developed and produced micronized waxes and fluoropolymers in a variety of forms. For example,

we pioneered the use of stir-in wax and PTFE for abrasion resistance. Today, we are a worldwide supplier of

more than 250 products manufactured at Shamrock’s diversified plants in the US, Belgium and China.

Shamrock serves far-ranging industries that seek surface modifications for improved performance. Our

expertise rests with our ability to add these properties without adversely affecting a product’s other

characteristics. We produce micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions and compounds, including PTFE,

polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers, custom wax alloys, natural waxes and specialty additives.

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