Product Spec Sheets


Released by Micro Powders, Inc.

July 11, 2014

MicroGranite 100 is a unique blend of compounded high molecular weight white, black and neutral polyolefin polymers, closely controlled to a 100-mesh maximum particle size.

MicroGranite 100 has been formulated to create a charcoal gray, "granite like" appearance in all types of paints and coatings applications. This advanced product will provide an impressive textured affect and soft touch in most water-based and solventborne air-dry or low bake systems. The components are colorfast, and thus will not bleed when mixed into the paint vehicle. One component is neutral in color, and provides particle spacing for the black and white particles to create the desirable “granite like” appearance. The recommended addition level of MicroGranite 100 is 8 – 10% based on total formula weight.