New Products Enhance International Paints' Antifouling Range

October 8, 2010

Expanded line up builds on proven performance.

International Paint has expanded its range of antifouling coatings. The enhanced line up includes higher volume solids products, meaning reduced coats per scheme, lower levels of overspray and reduced VOC emissions. The new range is designed to help ship owners, operators and ship yards meet the challenges of fluctuating fuel costs and increasing environmental pressures by delivering a full range of operational cost, environment and in-service performance benefits.

The range features the company's highest-performing self polishing copolymer antifouling, Intersmooth SPC; the economical option Interspeed; and a blend of both technologies in the new Interswift products.

Intersmooth 7460HS SPC and Intersmooth 7465HS SPC are hydrolyzing self-polishing copolymer antifoulings for deep-sea vessels featuring high volume solids and low VOC’s. Patented copper acrylate technology delivers controlled chemical dissolution of the paint film, which ensures continued smoothing over long drydocking intervals. Predictable polishing enables specifications to be tailored to specific ship types and operational profiles, while thin leached layers allow simple cleaning and recoating at drydockings.

Intersmooth 7460HS SPC and Intersmooth 7465HS SPC provide fouling control for up to 60 months. The alternative Intersmooth 360 SPC and Intersmooth 365 SPC variants are specially designed for coastal vessels.

New Interspeed 6400 and Interspeed 6200 have been developed from controlled depletion polymer (CDP) based Interspeed technology. These products provide an economical choice for up to 36 months in service.

New Interswift 6800HS, developed from self polishing Interswift technology, is a high volume solids, low VOC blend of copper acrylate SPC technology and rosin-based CDP technology. Providing up to 60 months fouling control in service, performance lies between the high performance SPC antifoulings and the more economical CDP antifoulings.

Also available is Interswift 455FB, a product designed for the unique fouling challenge experienced on flat bottom areas.

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