BASF launches new color matching tool

January 6, 2012

BASF Automotive Refinish introduced its COLOR-MAXmobile2 solid color tool. COLOR-MAXmobile2 is compact and portable and provides 531 color chips that are designed to be  comparale to the vehicle with up to five colors on a single swatch.

According to BASF, their family of COLOR-MAX tools is the most advanced color matching system in the industry in terms of accuracy, color range and ease of use. The new COLOR-MAXmobile2, now in its second generation, provides an unmatched level of quality and accuracy in a handy format that will help bodyshops be more productive said the company.

BASF’s advanced design includes a larger range of chips for white, red and black colors. The deck contains what BASF considers to be the whitest whites and the darkest blacks available in refinish technology today. Using the COLOR-MAXmobile2, a paint technician can scan the entire range of colors by fanning out the swatch book. A hole in each chip is designed to allow easier viewing against a painted surface. The case allows the user to open the deck past 90 degrees for easier maneuverability.

All the color chips are matched in R-M ONYX HD and Glasurit 90-Line, intended to ensure the best reproduction possible.

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