Valspar Introduces Valde ECP

September 16, 2013

The Valspar Corporation has announced the commercial introduction of Valde ECP, a patent pending powder coating system that delivers superior edge corrosion protection, in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible, according to the company. Valspar Valde ECP consists of two specially engineered powder coating layers that are applied consecutively and cured in a single oven cycle. The elimination of the intermediate cure and cool down steps saves end users significant capital and operating costs, reduces cycle time, operational footprint and work-in-progress inventory. Valde ECP is the first product to be commercialized under a multi-generational technology strategy at Valspar that focuses on the use of dry-on-dry applied powder coatings.

Valde ECP significantly advances Valspar’s portfolio of products designed to provide best in class edge corrosion protection to the heavy machinery industry. It is estimated this industry spends nearly $250 million annually on premature corrosion claims, with many of these claims related to edge corrosion issues. Valde ECP meets or exceeds industry requirements for appearance and has proven to deliver vastly improved edge corrosion protection over prior technologies. Valde ECP has been field tested on parts and equipment over an 18-month period in various real-world operating environments with results exceeding expectations.

Valde ECP is now in-use commercially at several major construction equipment manufacturers and suppliers in both North and South America.  It will be introduced in Europe, China and India over the next several quarters.

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