Cromax Introduces WB-9908 Super Jet Black in its Range of Pro Basecoat Fac Pac Colors

October 31, 2013

Cromax, formerly known as DuPont Refinish, has further extended its range of Cromax Pro Basecoat factory packed (Fac Pac) colors with the introduction of WB-9908 Super Jet Black. This  solid, very deep black tint has been specifically formulated to repair colors like the Toyota Lexus 202 color Black/Black Onyx.

According to the company, deep dark solid black - and various tonal varieties of of the color - is becoming increasingly popular. The new Cromax Pro Basecoat Fac Pac WB-9908 answers the demand for the deepest darkest solid version of the color. The less intense variations of that black can easily be achieved with the addition of WB05 Cromax Pro Jet Black and WB06 Cromax Pro Black HS.

The new waterborne basecoat color is available in packs of six, one liter tins from Cromax on request.