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Novares LR 600 - a reactive modifier

April 5, 2011

New development for high performance epoxy coatings.

A new aromatic modifier from Rutgers Novares GmbH, Novares LR 600, was developed to improve technical and protective properties of epoxy-based systems. Novares LR 600 is reactive and is chemically built into the epoxy network. Due to the chemical bonding Novares LR 600 shows very low tendency of migration, the company said. Novares LR 600 is low viscous and reduces the viscosity of epoxy-based systems. The low viscosity improves the wetting of the surface and adhesion properties of the coating. Novares LR 600 also reduces the brittleness of epoxy coatings, which gives improved impact resistance and higher flexibility. At the same time abrasion and scratch resistance remain at a comparable high level.