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Evonik Introduces Dynapol Terra, a Bio-based Binder System for Organic Coil Coatings

April 5, 2013

Evonik Industries has developed a new product range of polyester resins for coil coating primers and topcoats to market maturity under the established Dynapol brand. Dynapol Terra is based on renewable raw materials, which sets it apart from other binders used for this type of coating. Most other binder systems are based on saturated, hydroxyl functional polyester polyols that are produced mainly from petroleum-based raw materials. The colorants and coatings industry has been looking for suitable alternatives for these petrochemical building blocks for many years, since resource efficiency is an important growth generator.

With this new range of products, Evonik has overcome two challenges at once, the company stated. On the one hand, the coating experts identified suitable bio-based polyester resin building blocks, and on the other, they ensured general applicability, fast implementation, and availability on an industrial scale. The first Dynapol Terra polyester resins have already been successfully introduced to customers.

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