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Halox Corrosion Protection for the General Industrial Coatings Market

August 30, 2013

Halox recently made advancements in a water-based 2K urethane clear coat. Halox combined Halox 430 JM with Halox 550 WF to achieve over 2000 hours of Salt Fog exposure (ASTM B 117) on bare aluminum. The combination of these two products proved that Halox products are ideal corrosion inhibitors for the general industrial and decorative market segments.

The fine particle size of Halox 430 JM resulted in a clear, transparent finish and preserved the luster of the aluminum substrate.

Halox 550 WF is a liquid organic sol-gel corrosion inhibitor. When combined with an inorganic pigment it provides good anticorrosive performance. In addition to promoting adhesion, it has proven to be effective time and again in reducing blistering and undercutting at the scribe.

The synergistic combination of Halox 550 WF with Halox 430 JM‘s zinc-free technology is one of many alternatives to achieving long-term corrosion protection in clear coats applied to metal components while avoiding the use of toxic or heavy metal based corrosion inhibitors.

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