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Orion Launches Carbon Black Pigment for Automotive and Appliance Coatings

November 11, 2013

 A new experimental carbon black pigment from Orion Engineered Carbons, XPB 255, features colorimetric properties ideal for high-jet automotive coatings as well as both solventborne and waterborne polyurethane (PU) coating systems. It is also useful for alkyd/melamine stoving enamels.

In polyurethane coatings, XPB 255 displays very high jetness and strong bluish undertones, which can be further maximized by using dispersion additives and optimizing the total quantity of XPB 255 in the mill base and final lacquer. In alkyd/melamine stoving enamels, high colorimetric values also can be achieved with dispersion additives.

The special particle design of XPB 255, combined with good dispersion, results in the high jetness and deep blue undertone. An after-treatment on the carbon black pigment offers a functional surface, which imparts exceptional wetting and dispersing properties.

The versatility of XPB 255 in water- and solventborne PU coating systems offers a major advantage to formulators, who can use the universal carbon black pigment in a broad range of coating systems, according to the comoany, For the development of high jet coatings with deep blue undertone, Orion recommends testing the experimental black XPB 255 along with the well-established COLOUR BLACK FW 171 and COLOUR BLACK FW 200.


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