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Dow Corning 87 and 88 additives

April 5, 2011

Improve water resistance for decorative coatings.

Formulators of waterborne and solvent-based exterior architectural coatings can now develop paints with improved water resistance using only low levels of new silicone-based materials from Dow Corning. Dow Corning 87 Additive and Dow Corning 88 Additive create a hydrophobic silicone network in the paint that repels water but is permeable to water vapor coming from the substrate. Even when used at levels as low as two percent by weight of the formulation, these additives improve the water repellency of coatings without causing cracking and blistering.

“With Dow Corning 87 and 88 Additives, we provide the paint and coatings industry new additive technology for improving the water resistance of decorative paints, a property that is highly valued by end users,” said Jim Stange, Dow Corning’s North America market manager for coatings. “These new silicone materials not only allow for increased water repellency at very low use levels, they are also low-VOC, solvent-free and APEO-free products.”

Dow Corning 87 Additive is a silicone resin emulsion designed for use in waterborne paints and is ideal for applications where visual water beading is desired. When water reduction is the primary requirement, Dow Corning 88 Additive, a silane/siloxane blend, is effective and can be used both in acrylic emulsion paints containing polar solvents and in solvent-based systems.

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