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Reactive Surfaces patent portfolio expands further in the U.S., Middle East and Pacific Rim

August 24, 2011

Reactive Surfaces has received allowance of patents directed to its anti-microbial peptide-based ProteCoat technology in both Australia and the United States. The claims for the patents varied based on specific peptide sequences, but are generally directed to paints comprising a binder, such as found in an acrylic latex. Depending upon the jurisdiction, coverage was granted for multicoat systems, architectural, industrial, or specification coatings, as well as combinations of the Protecoat technology with various chemical-based preservatives. Additionally, Reactive Surfaces has received grants for patents in Israel on its OPDtox self-decontaminating coatings technology. The claims are directed to both film forming coatings (paints, clear coatings) and non-film forming coatings having enzymes capable of providing decontamination organophosphorus-based pesticides and chemical warfare agents (VX, soman, sarin, cyclosarin, tabun) from surfaces upon application of the coatings.