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Halsan adopts Cabot's Emperor 1800 carbon black pigments for its automotive coatings

February 9, 2012

Halsan Paint & Color Co., Ltd. of Taiwan, China, has selected Cabot Corp.'s Emperor 1800 carbon black pigment for inclusion in its automotive coatings.

This application of Cabot's product will enable Halsan to provide deep black coatings for premium automobiles and motorcycles throughout Asia.

Cabot said the product has a unique particle structure with a tailored surface chemistry that produces high jetness and a deep blue undertone, and can reduce dispersion times by more than 85 percent, and the amount of dispersion additives required by more than 50 percent.

Emperor 1800 carbon black is the latest development from Cabot Corporation in the field of high-strength black pigments for waterborne formulations.

Cabot Corporation is headquartered in Boston, Mass., United States, and its major products are carbon black, fumed silica, inkjet colorants, aerogel and cesium formate drilling fluids.

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