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Keystone bolsters product portfolio; expands operations in Europe

May 23, 2012

Keystone has introduced a green and blue addition to its line of surfactant-based zero VOC pigment dispersions—210-415-22 NeroTint Blue and 410-407-22 NeroTint Green—formulated for the waterborne wood and concrete industries. The NeroTint line has been engineered to provide excellent transparency, high gloss and uniform color in both spray and wiping applications. These products are formulated with high-performance pigments, milled to very fine standards for ease of penetration, and are exceptionally clean and transparent, as well as very miscible in water or acetone containing systems. NeroTints have been QUV lab tested past 3,000 hours with good results the company said.

Also on the new product front Keystone recently launched Keyplast Yellow F Solvent Yellow 104 chemistry for use in high heat engineering polymers. This dye will perform extremely well in polyamides, polysulfones, PEEK and other difficult to process engineering polymers the company said.

In other news, earlier this year Keystone Europe formed an agreement with Garvson AB to be the exclusive sales agent for Keystone in Scandanavia. Garvson AB are a privately held company based in Billdal, Sweden and have long been involved in the plastics, coatings and ink markets.

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