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Argex Joins the American Coatings Association

March 22, 2013

Argex Titanium Inc. has joined the American Coatings Association (ACA), a non-profit trade organization representing the paint and coatings industry, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and associated technical professionals. The ACA serves as an advocate and ally for members on legislative, regulatory and judicial issues. It also focuses on advancements in science and technology through its technical conferences and journals, as well as online training opportunities. In addition, ACA offers essential business information to members through its publications, surveys, and business programs.

"We are very pleased to have joined the American Coatings Association; in doing so, we will benefit from its visibility and many advantages," said Roy Bonnell, president and chief executive officer of Argex Titanium. "As a producer of titanium dioxide, Argex will work with players throughout the supply chain to increase its presence in  the coatings industry."