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PPG Donates $10,000 to Science Buddies

November 6, 2013

The PPG Industries Foundation has donated $10,000 to Science Buddies, a nonprofit organization that provides millions of students, parents and teachers with highly personalized online resources to help build literacy in science and technology.

“The donation from PPG has enabled Science Buddies to expand our project base with engaging experiments for K-12 students to learn more about the science behind color and surfaces,” said Jayme Burke, vice president, Science Buddies. “We appreciate the ongoing assistance from PPG as we continue to provide core program support to a wide variety of students and help develop them into tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and other technical professionals.”

In collaboration with PPG Industries (NYSE:PPG), Science Buddies developed project ideas that investigate color and surfaces through chemistry, human behavior, mechanical engineering, photography, physics and sociology. The Science Buddies website provides step-by-step instructions for experiments that can be conducted at home, in the classroom or at science fairs.

Science Buddies also worked with PPG to develop project ideas for 118,000 students and teachers in Allegheny County, Pennsylvanie; Cuyahoga County, Ohio; Guilford County, North Carolina and Harris County, Texas.

“As a company dedicated to supporting communities where our employees work and live, we are excited about the Science Buddies project ideas related to PPG,” said Sue Sloan, executive director, PPG Industries Foundation. “With this, Science Buddies is directly impacting students in our communities by offering them effective and high-quality education materials.”