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B-H Paints Launches Ulttima Plus Line of Paints for the Carribbean Region

November 11, 2013

 B-H Paints, a member of the Harris Group of Companies, has launched the new Ulttima Plus line of paints which they declare is the “Ulttimate Paint Solution” manufactured to solve the five major painting challenges that customers revealed through research conducted across the Caribbean.Indeed, inside of the new line of paints are a series of five (5) innovative, proprietary trademarked technologies, all unique to Ulttima Plus.

These five technologies were designed to reflect the wants and needs of Caribbean paint consumers, to address the product complaints customers have made in the past, and moreover – to solve customers’ painting problems, helping them to get better results that last longer, saving them time, aggravation and money. Now there is less of a need to buy specialty paint for specific challenges, as B-H offers 5 solutions in one can with Ulttima Plus, using innovative technology platforms.

In addition, Ulttima Plus products that display the Green Wise™ certification mark have been tested and certified by an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory to meet or exceed the VOC requirements and do not contain certain chemicals determined to be harmful to humans or the environment. When you see this seal you know you are getting an environmentally responsible, high quality product.