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Magritek Announces Company Expansion

February 25, 2014

Magritek announced further expansion in company activities worldwide. With offices now in the USA, Germany & New Zealand, the company has added experienced leaders in instrumentation sales and product marketing.

With increased growth in worldwide markets for benchtop-sized analytical techniques, Magritek, leading providers of compact NMR and MRI systems, are pleased to be announcing the addition of two experienced industry professionals to their sales and marketing team.

Silverio (Sal) Iacono is to head up the company’s sales operations worldwide. Iacono has spent his career leading sales and marketing teams for analytical tools such as in his most recent role as Vice President and General Manager of PerkinElmer’s mass spectrometry business. With nearly 25 years working in the scientific community, he arrives at Magritek enthusiastic to help further build the company into a world-leading business.

Joining him is another spectroscopy veteran. John Paul Cerroti has worked in analytical instrumentation for nearly thirty years. With a background in materials science, Cerroti has held senior sales and marketing roles for many of the leading innovators in spectroscopy tools including PerkinElmer, Renishaw and Oxford Instruments. Cerroti is based at the Magritek European headquarters in Aachen, Germany.

In welcoming these new members to his team, Magritek CEO, Andrew Coy, is excited by the experience and open-minded, fresh ideas joining the company. “As we have built the organization over the last ten years, we have experienced steady growth. However, since we launched the Spinsolve family of NMR spectrometers, we have seen a large increase in the interest for instruments that fit into educational programs where the system delivers rapid, repeatable results with minimal operator interaction. Now we have operations on three continents and further expansion in the pipeline, we are confident that Sal and John Paul will make vital contributions to Magritek.”

Magritek's latest Spinsolve system allows 13C NMR Spectroscopy. It delivers more detail in its spectra than use of the more basic 1H nucleus. Carbon has a large chemical shift range of approximately 250 ppm and using composite pulse decoupling there is usually a single peak per carbon atom in the molecule making carbon spectra much more informative than proton spectra. Furthermore, multinuclear and multidimensional experiments reveal additional structural information such as how carbon and proton atoms in the molecule are connected. This enables NMR to easily resolve isomers that are often confused with other analytical methods.