Latin America Reports

Brazil’s Renner Enters Architectural Segment

By Charles W. Thurston, Latin American Correspondent | May 6, 2014

Renner Coatings, one of six divisions of Renner Herrmann S. A., has entered Brazil’s architectural coatings market with four new products in leading areas of the country under the brand name Polidura. From its factory in Curitiba, Parana state, the company is distributing the new coatings to the southern region of the country, as well as to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo states. Plans are for five additional products to be launched for specific coverage functions later this year.

“Renner Coatings enters the decorative paint segment bringing consumers the same quality and technology that we employ in the production of paints for maritime platforms, gas lines and automobiles. It is high technology with absolutely guaranteed durability,” said Luiz Ander Ortiz, the director of the company, on the recent launch.

The new water-based paints and coatings include special formulations for various applications: Verniz PU Antipichação, for anti-graffiti protection; Tinta e Verniz PU Exteriores, exterior paint and varnish; Firecoat Tinta for fireproofing; and Verniz Corta-Chamas, a fireproofing varnish. The products to be launched later this year under the Polidura line include formulations targeting traffic paint, tile paints, pool paints, interior hospital paints and fire-proof door paints.

Renner Coatings will gain high visibility in the Brazilian market this year as the company will paint six of the 12 soccer stadiums around the country to be included in the World Cup. The stadiums include: Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro state; Arena Pantanal in Mato Grosso State; Arena da Baixada in Parana State; Arena Fonte Nova in Bahia State, Arena Pernambuco in Pernambuco State; and the Estádio Nacional, in the capital of Brasilia.

As part of the country’s preparations for the cup, inner city architectural icons are also being spruced up. Renner won permission to paint several of these, including: the Arco Metropolitano, in Rio de Janeiro; Aeroporto Internacional de Guarulhos in Sao Paulo, Aeroporto Viracopos, in Campinas; Veículo Leve sobre Trilhos, in  Fortaleza; and the Rede Urbana de Transportes in Recife.
Further from home, Renner Coatings is painting a sugar and ethanol plant in Angola for Companhia de Bioenergia da Angola. Brazil and Angola are among the 10 Lusophone countries in the world where Portuguese is the official language.

Apart from its Brazilian factories, Renner Coatings has two manufacturing plants in Santiago, Chile, producing a full line of products, and one in Antofagasta, dedicated to mining coatings. In 2012, Renner also became a licensee of Japan’s Chukogu Marine Paint technology for maritime antifouling coatings.

Renner Coatings divides its business units into four subdivisions, including: Protective Coatings, serving the agricultural, energy, mining, petroleum and steel industries; Performance Coatings, which serves the aviation and transportation equipment industries; Marine Coatings, serving ships, containers and other maritime segments; and Decorative Coatings, which serves residential, commercial, hospital and monuments segments.

Renner Coatings’ sister subsidiaries include: Renner Sayerlack, specializing in wood coatings; Metalgráfica Renner, a metal coatings unit; Flosul Madeiras, a CCA wood preservatives unit; and Laticínios Renner, or Relat, a metal container unit. Renner Coatings also has separate country operations in Brazil, Chile and Italy. Renner Italy recently launched its Hi-Deck Hydro Oil for wood decks under the Rio Verde brand.