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Lubrizol Unveils Solsperse M Series of Hyperdispersants for Industrial Coatings

May 20, 2013

The Lubrizol Corporation has launched the Solsperse M Series, a family of  hyperdispersants for multimedia colorants. The Solsperse M Series is designed to deliver broad compatibility to colorants for solventborne industrial coatings. The Solsperse M Series enables formulators to quickly select the ideal hyperdispersant for their unique industrial colorant requirements optimizing compatibility, efficiency, regulatory compliance and overall quality, according to the company. The Solsperse M Series requires less grinding resin in the millbase, thereby reducing viscosity and enabling even higher pigment loading in the colorant, which, in turn, allows better mill utilization for faster dispersion and increased production volumes. Some Solsperse M Series options completely eliminate the need for grinding resins, resulting in even further reduction of millbase viscosity.

Solsperse M Series hyperdispersants are designed for formulation of universal colorants with the broadest range of compatibility allowing rationalization of tinter inventories. A reduction in additive inventories is also possible. By reducing inventories and streamlining dispersion processing, the Solsperse M Series enables significant cost savings in labor and materials. Solsperse M Series hyperdispersants are available now for dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments in resin-free and resin-containing solvent borne colorants, suitable for tinting a wide variety of industrial coatings.

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