Merck Patents Pigment Preparations

June 9, 2014

U.S. 8,613,800 B2
Merck has been awarded a patent for a pigment preparation, consisting of one or more effect pigments in platelet form that is a pearlescent pigment, an interference pigment, a metal effect pigment, a multilayer pigment with transparent, semitransparent and/or opaque layers, a holographic pigment, a BiOCl pigment and/or a LCP pigment; a wax having a molecular weight of 500-20,000 or wax mixture thereof, at least one antioxidant that is a lactone/phosphite mixture, a lactone/phosphite/phenol mixture, a phenol/phosphite mixture, a phosphite or a phenol, and optionally one or more additives that are lubricants, release agents, stabilizers, antistats, flame retardants, flexibilizers, plasticizers, adhesion promoters, blowing agents, antioxidants, UV adsorbers, organic polymer-compatible solvents and/or surfactants, phenol derivatives, mineral oils, inorganic fillers, dyes and/or color pigments, wherein the effect pigment is present in an amount of 55-80 percent by weight, based on the pigment preparation.

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