DuPont Patents Coating Composition

July 19, 2013

U.S. 8,227,050 B1
E I du Pont de Nemours and Company has obtained a patent for a coating composition, which upon cure forms a coating. The composition is comprised of Ia component A comprised in the range of  0.01%-10% of one or more monomers; a component B comprised in the range of 5%-50% of one or more multifunctional oligomers;  a component C comprised in the range of 10%-70% of one or more pigments, fillers or a combination thereof; a component D comprised in the range of 0.5%-15% of one or more photoinitiators; and a component E comprised in the range of 21%-40% of volatile organic solvent, wherein all of the percentages are in weight percent based on the total weight of the composition; and wherein, the cured coating composition is free from any sticky, uncured material.

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