Si Chem Patents Paint with Silicate Resin

July 19, 2013

U.S. 8,211,220 B2
Si Chem Co. has obtained a patent for a method for preventing corrosion of a structure without influencing an electrical flow in the structure. The method is comprised of applying a silicate urethane paint composition to the structure, wherein the composition is comprised, by weight: approximately 100 parts of a urethane resin,10 to approximately 20 parts of a silicate resin, 10-40 parts of a silicone resin, 100-250  parts of a functional pigment wherein the functional the pigment is comprised of 40-50 parts of TiO2, 30-50 parts of Al2O3, 20-80 parts of graphite, and 10-30 parts of crosslinkable polystyrene, and 1-2 parts of a functional additive comprising a dispersing agent.