PPG Introduces Ultrapax Packaged Coatings System for Metal Substrates

June 5, 2013

PPG Industries’ industrial coatings business hsd introduced the Ultrapax coatings system, a packaged system of pretreatment products and powder coatings engineered together to meet stringent standards for the protection of metal substrates.
The UltraPax system enables manufacturers in a variety of industries – such as auto parts and accessories, appliances, architectural products, heavy-duty equipment and transportation – to purchase pretreatment products and powder coatings in a single package customized to their specific performance and appearance requirements.

PPG manufactures a full array of effective, economical pretreatment products such as zinc and phosphate sprays and immersion solutions, multi-metal cleaners, low-temperature cleaners and phosphates, and state-of-the-art thin-film zirconium pretreatments.
In the UltraPax system, pretreatment products are paired with Envirocron powder coatings by PPG, according to the company. Available in more than 300,000 digitally-matched colors, Envirocron coatings are formulated with polyester-, urethane-, epoxy- and hybrid-based resin systems to provide hardness and abrasion resistance. Envirocron powder coatings also help manufacturers meet environmental regulations because they are made without solvents and therefore emit virtually no volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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