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Troy Introduces Polyphase S99 Low-Leaching, Diuron-Free Fungicide + Algaecide

June 12, 2014

Troy Corporation provides manufacturers of paint and coatings with advanced broad-spectrum dry-film preservatives such as Polyphase® 663, which delivers superior performance and cost-in-use when compared with other fungicide + algaecide products commercially available. Now, for manufacturers wishing to formulate with an alternative to the Diuron algaecide active used in Polyphase® 663, Troy is introducing Polyphase S99, an advanced low-leaching, Diuron-free broad-spectrum fungicide + algaecide. S99 offers excellent performance, environmental responsibility, and low cost-in-use.

Polyphase S99 offers long-lasting coatings protection, as shown in exposure testing in climates prone to severe fungal and algal growth. “Troy developed Polyphase S99 to provide coatings manufacturers with an innovative alternative to Diuron that still offers performance and use benefits comparable to Polyphase 663,” said Troy’s Dr. Izzy Colon, vice president, Science & Technology. “Based on proven, world-leading performance preservative technologies IPBC, BCM, and Terbutryn, S99 is a low-leaching product formulated for water-based exterior paints, coatings, and stucco systems,” continued Colon. S99 is a VOC- and formaldehyde-free preservative with a low hazard profile, making the product ideal for today’s ‘green’ systems.

“Troy enables formulators to reach performance and cost targets through advanced, high-performance products such as Polyphase® S99, supported by exceptional technical service,” added Colon, “which will give them the edge over their competition.”