Henkel Patents Adhesive for Industrial Applications

September 11, 2013

U.S. 8,263,689 B2
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA has received a patents for a water-based adhesive for industrial applications comprised of an aqueous mixture of a water-redispersible polymer powder, a water-soluble polymer powder and optional components; wherein the water-redispersible polymer powder is a water insoluble, film-forming polymer based on at least one monomer selected from the group consisting of vinyl esters of C1- to C20-carboxylic acids, ethylene, vinylchloride, C1- to C20-alkyl esters of acrylic acid and methacrylic acid, acrylonitrile, (meth) acrylamide, styrene, styrene derivatives and butadiene; wherein the weight ratio of the water-redispersible polymer powder to the water-soluble polymer powder is from about 0.001:1 to 100:1; and wherein the water-based adhesive (i) has a set speed of less than 300 sec, when measured with a 36 μm thick layer at 23° C and 50% relative humidity and 385 μm thick carton boards with a weight of 275+/−3 g/m2; (ii) has a Cobb values on one side of 43 g/min/m2 and 27 g/min/m on the other side; (iii) has a solids content of approximately  7.5 to 70 wt.-% ; and (iv) has a Brookfield viscosity of about 500 to 10,000 mPas at 23° C at 20 rpm, measured according to the ASTM D1084 standard.