Sherwin-Williams Patents Amine Functional Adducts and Curable Compositions

September 11, 2013

U.S. 8,257,796 B2
The Sherwin-Williams Company has been awarded a patent for a process for providing a polymer coating to a substrate. The process is comprised of applying the coating to the substrate and broadcasting solid decorative or protective materials onto the liquid surface of the coating before it completely cures or dries, and then subsequently allowing the coating to cure or dry, the improvement which is comprised of utilizing as the coating a multi-component curable composition that is reactive upon admixing of the components and wherein the composition is comprised of: A: a first component which is comprised of a first amine functional adduct which is comprised of the reaction product of a stoichiometric excess of a diamine and a compound having an epoxide group and an alpha, beta unsaturated carbonyl group; B: a second component which is comprised of at least one compound having an average of more than 2.0 groups per molecule which are reactive with amines.