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Momentive Specialty Chemicals’ New Coating Resins Plant in Thailand Boasts Sustainable Features

August 16, 2013

Constructed to minimize its potential impact on the surrounding area, Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. (“Momentive Specialty Chemicals,” “MSC” or the “Company”) recently announced the successful start-up of its new plant in Chonburi, Thailand. The plant, which significantly increased the Company’s capacity to produce acrylic-based resins and service customers locally, was designed for sustainable manufacturing practices.

“The engineering design delivers enhanced energy preservation through high-efficiency heating and cooling systems,” said Julia Harp, Senior Vice President, Momentive Specialty Chemicals. “Improvements gained through automation and the utilization of the latest generation of technologies allow us to deliver both consistent product quality and achieve emission levels that are well within regulatory guidelines.”

The site, which is located on land purchased by the Company in the Pinthong Industrial Estate Park, produces a broad range of acrylic resins designed for use primarily in coatings, adhesives, and building and construction applications.  To mark the successful start-up of the facility, MSC leadership will be hosting customers and invited guests to a celebration Sept. 10 – 11.

The manufacturing design and operations of the Chonburi site are aligned with the Company’s overall sustainability initiatives. These initiatives drive an integrated business approach that creates long-term stakeholder value through responsible stewardship of assets and products, the environment and a commitment to social responsibility.

Momentive recently announced the publication of its latest sustainability report entitled “Sustainability: A Top to Bottom Approach.” The report provides expanded metrics related to environmental and safety performance, as well as an update on a number of ongoing sustainability initiatives.  For example, greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced by six percent collectively for Momentive Performance Materials (MPM) and MSC since 2010. In addition, MPM and MSC saw its aggregate Occupation Illness and Injuries Rate performance improve significantly as the injury rate declined by 66.9 percent over the last six years.