Profile on Taiho Paint

By Kerry Pianoforte, Editor | October 24, 2013

With a focus on environmental responsibility and developing quality products and professional service, Taiho Paint continues to be a market leader in China.

Taiho Paint Products Company, Ltd. was originally established in Japan in 1949 and in 1987 the company opened a factory in Taiwan. The company established itself in mainland China in 1992.  Taiho Paint currently has four manufacturing facilities; one in Japan, one in Taiwan and two in China (Dongguan and Shanghai). Together these operations generated revenue $210.666 million in 2012. The largest of these operations is in Dongguan, which also serves as the company’s headquarters and employs 1,132 people. Shanghai employs 218, Japan 60 and Taiwan 30. General industrial and industrial maintenance, including wood coatings, make up 73 percent of revenue while the remaining 27 percent is attributed to architectural and decorative coatings sales. In 2011 Taiho Paint (Dongguan) invested approximately $2 million to expand production capacity by 50,000 tons. After implementation of the this increase, total production capacity for all of Taiho Paint’s operations is expected to grow past 200,000 tons per year.

“Our history of development is now approximately 60 years and during this time period we have been focusing primarily on the distribution and manufacturing of paints, raw material import and export and foreign investment,” said Chen Chunhua, general manager at Taiho Paint. “We have acquired first class technology, equipment and personnel in our professional field, while at the same time our research efforts have always been in accordance with our determination of protecting the global environment as well as preventing unnecessary waste of resources.”

The company has dedicated considerable resources to develop more environmentally friendly products. “We are not only devoted to upgrading our current product performance and manufacturing process, we are also exploring new materials and an innovative philosophy in order to create better products that will be less harmful to health and more environmentally friendly,” said Chunhua. “The stability of our quality has always been our top pursuit and commitment to our customer.”

The company’s main market regions are in Asia, primarily China, Taiwan and Japan. Taiho manufacturers wood coatings, exterior and interior coatings, UV coatings, waterborne coatings, metal coatings and plastic coatings.

Taiho Paint’s long-term strategy is to continue to produce quality products and remain a leading paint manufacturer in the Chinese market. “Taiho Paint has been the market leader in wood and wall coatings,” said Chunhua. “Taiho Paint firmly and quickly occupied the market by relying upon excellent brand image based on high quality products and personalized professional service.”
The company plans to continue to dedicate itself to environmental protection by reducing its carbon footprint and offering low VOC coatings. “We will satisfy our customers’ demand for products that meet environmental protection requirements,” Chunhua added. “We offer energy saving, high weather-resistance type outdoor coatings, UV coatings, waterborne wood coatings and high solid content low VOC coatings.”

The company said it will continue to focus its R&D efforts on environmentally friendly products. “We are focusing on wood coatings and building the market segment, especially in waterborne and UV coatings,” Chunhua said. “We are also working on coatings for car accessories, high-end electronics and other coatings research and development. Taiho Paint will shoulder the social responsibility and corporate responsibility for environmental protection, low carbon and humanities.”

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