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December 11, 2013

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select pigment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Alex Color Company
888-253-9265/Fax: 570-875-0885
Types of pigments:  Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

Product name: WF Series Dispersions
Attributes/comments: WF Series Dispersions are APE-free, resin-free, surfactant-based aqueous pigment dispersions, which are compatible with waterborne alkyd coatings as well as other coating systems. These dispersions can also be supplied with 0 VOCs
Product name: Al-Poly Dispersions
Attributes/comments: Al-Poly Dispersions are resin-based aqueous pigment dispersions, which are compatible with many water-based polyurethane coatings.

BASF Corporation
800-962-7829/Fax: 800-346-5896
Types of pigments: Blacks (black, brown and grey); Blues (Phthalocyanine pigments) Extender Pigments (China clay, AL Silicate, Mica); Greens (Phthalocyanine, Chrome) Iron Oxide Pigments (Transportation oxides, Black IO, Red Brown IO, Yellow IO); Metallic Pigments (Silverflake); Reds (Diketopyrrolo Pyrolle (DPP) pigments, Quinacridone pigments, Pyrazolone red and maroon, Pigment red and maroon, Misc. red and maroon Toners and Lakes, BON red and maroon); Specialty pigments (HP, Light Interference, Heat Management, Low VOC, misc. yellow pigments); Whites (Synthetic mica-based effects pigments)
Product name: Sincopal Yellow L EH 1567 (1130)
Attributes/comments: Excellent pigment choice for great opacity needs in traditional applications.
Product Name: Lumina Royal Copper Effect Pigments
Attributes/comments: Mica-based copper effect pigments with the highest chromation and enhanced sparkle characteristics in the market with better color priority and brightness.

Cabot Corporation
378-670-7028/Fax: 378-821-5536
Types of pigments: Blacks (Dispersions,  Additives, Pigments, Filters, Rheological Filters and Additives, Stabilizers, Thixotropic agents)

Product name: EMPEROR 1600 and 1200
Attributes/comments: Premium carbon black pigments for coatings applications where exceptional color and superior processability are primary objectives.
The products are specifically designed for solvent-based coatings applications and feature enhanced dispersability and best-in-class color performance.

Dominion Colour Company
416-791-4200/Fax: 416-497-5198
Types of pigments: Blacks (Carbon blacks); Blues (Indanthrone, Ultramarine, Phthalo basic dye); Greens (Phthalo.); Reds (DPP, Naphthols, Anthraquinone, Toluidine, Anthanthrone, Bon Maroon Quinacridone) Yellow and Oranges (Bismuth Vanadale, Diarylide, Monoflag, Benzimidazolone, Hybrids, Isoindolinone, Dianisidine)

Product name: DCC Orange 7073
Attributes/comments: DCC Orange 7073 is a clean bright yellow shade orange pigment with excellent chemical and weather fastness. It has excellent heat resistance and resistance to overcoat bleeds.
Product name: DCC Yellow 1252EE
Attributes/comments: DCC Yellow 1252EE is a bright red shade yellow with exceptional hiding power. High hiding power coupled with high tinting strength and relatively low cost provides superior value in use.
408-643-0076/Fax: 408-643-0298
Types of Pigments: Extender Pigments (Kaolin)

Product Name: Hydrite PXN
Attributes/comments: Hydrite PXN is a pulverized, water-washed kaolin developed for a number of demanding industrial coating applications, including electro-deposition and coil coatings. Hydrite PXN has very low conductivity in aqueous suspensions.
Product Name: Hydrite TS 90
Attributes/comments: Hydrite TS 90 is an ultrafine pigment spacer providing maximum tint strength in water-based gloss and semi-gloss architectural coatings

Lansco Colors
845-507-5950/Fax: 845-735-2787
Types of pigments: Blacks (Carbon Black); Blues (Phthalo); Corrosion Inhibiting (Zinc Phosphate); Greens (Phthalo, Chromium Oxide); Iron Oxide pigments (Construction, Micronized); Metallic Pigments (Aluminum) Reds (Napthol, Metal SaH Azo, Quinicridone, Benzimidazolone, Perylene); Yellow and Oranges (Benzimidazolone, Isoindoline, Azo, Diarylide, Hansa); Whites (TO2)

Product name: 1372 DPP Flame Red 272
Attributes/comments: Lansco 1372 is a high performance yellow shade red pigment, which has exceptional lightfastness and migration resistance.
Product name: 3777 Phthalo Green 7
Attributes/comments: Lansco 3777 is a blue shade green used in automotive applications.

Lanxess Corporation
Types of pigments: Blacks (Iron oxides); Blues (Phthalocyanine blue); Greens (Chrome Oxide green, Phthalocyanine green); Iron Oxide Pigments ( Synthetic iron oxide); Reds (Iron Oxide, Azo red); Yellow and Oranges (Azo); Whites (Iron Oxide)
Nubiola USA Inc.
770-277-8819/Fax: 770-277-8809
Types of pigments: Blacks (Magnetic, Inorganic); Blues (Ultramarine, Encapsulated); Corrosion Inhibiting (Zinc, Non-Zinc, Inorganic); Greens (Chroma Oxide, Micronized); Iron Oxide pigments (Red, Yellow, Incapsulated, Micronized); Metallic Pigments (Ink Grade, Passivated); Reds (Inorganic); Yellow and oranges (Inorganic)

Product Name: Nubifer Y-7050
Attributes/comments: Nubifer Y-7050 is a micronized Yellow Iron Oxide which has been encapsulated to withstand high temperatures, without acquiring the typical Red Iron Oxide color shade.
Product Name: Nubivan Y-901
Attributes/comments: Nubivan Y-901 is Nubiola’s greenish yellow Bismuth Vandate, Nubivan Y-901 combined with Organic Pigments allows developing high gloss, bright and opaque yellow, red, orange and green color shades.

Rockwood Pigments
800-638-4444/Fax: 301-210-4967
Types of pigments: Blacks (Black/Grey, Complex Inorganic, Carbon Black, Lamp Black); Blues (Complex Inorganic, Ultramarine); Extender pigments (Barium Sulfate); Greens (Chromium, Complex Inorganic); Iron Oxide Pigments (Blacks, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Red/Brown Natural and Synthetic, Burnt Sienna, Metallic Brown, OCHRE, Raw Umber, Van Dyke Brown); Red (Cadmium, Red, Maroon/Orange); Yellow and Oranges (Yellow/Orange, Complex Inorganic)
Sensient Industrial Colors
800-325-8110/Fax: 314-658-7326
Types of pigments: Blacks; Blues; Greens; Reds; Specialty Pigments; Yellow and Oranges

Product name: FD&C Lakes Pigment Dispersions
Attributes/comments: Expanded color range of FD&C pigment dispersions for a variety of food contact applications
Product name: Sensi Pro Granules
Attributes/comments: Dry granulated, high color content for easier and faster dispersion in water compared to powders

Sun Chemical Corporation
Types of pigments: Blacks (Carbon Black Dispersions); Blues (Phthalocyanine Blue); Corrosion Inhibiting (Zinc Flake, Zinc Paste); Greens (Phthalocyanine Green); Metallic Pigments (Aluminum Paste, Aluminum Powder, Waterborne Aluminum, Stain Resistant Aluminum, Goldbronze Powders); Reds (Arylide, Arylide Red/Maroon, Bon Red/Maroon, Lithol Rubine, Naphthol, Perylene Red, Perylene Maroon, Perylene Scarlet, Perylene Violet, Pyrazolone Red/Maroon,Quinacridone Maroon, Quinacridone Red, Quinacridone Scarlet, Quinacridone Violet, Red Lake C, Rhodamine, Diketo-pyrrolo-pyrrole Red, Dioxazine Violet, Toluidine Red); Specialty pigments (Pearlescent, Iridescent, Color shifting); Yellow and Oranges (Diarylide Yellow, Diarylide Orange, Hansa Yellow, Azo Yellow, Isoindoline Yellow, Benzimidazalone Yellow, Benzimidazalone Orange, Perinone Orange)

Product Name: SunGEM XST
Attributes/comments: Provides dimensional sparkle effects for liquid or powder coatings.  Their exceptional transparency makes them ideal for adding unique sparkle to highly chromatic color formulations.
Product Name: Aquadisperse
Attributes/comments: The Aquadisperse family of pigment dispersions offers high color strength and is APEO- and VOC-free. These pigment dispersions are well suited for in-plant tinting of emulsion paints and low-odor architectural coatings.
Trust Chem USA, LLC.
401-398-7301/Fax: 401-398-7321
Types of Pigments: Blues (Phthalo); Greens (Phthalo); Reds (Quinacridone, Napthol); Speciality Pigments (Benzimidazolone, Azo Condensation); Yellows and Oranges (Azo and Heterocycle, Diarylides, Hansas, Specialties)

Product Name: PY93, PY95, PY128
Attributes/comments: This group of pigments show good solvent and migration resistance, good heat stability and lightfastness. They can be widely used in plastic, printing ink and some coating applications.

The Shepherd Color Co.
513-874-0714/Fax: 513-874-5061
Types of Pigments: Blacks (Inorganic); Blues (Inorganic); Greens (Inorganic); Metallic pigments (Silver coated glass); Yellow and oranges (Inorganic)

Product Name: NTP Yellow 10C151
Attributes/comments: Niobium Tin Pyrochlore (NTP) Yellow is a new class of Complex Inorganic Colored Pigment (CICP) under Pigment Yellow 227 that breaks that compromise with excellent durability, high opacity and bright clean yellow color.

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