Zircotec Launches Endurance Range Thermal Barrier Exhaust Coatings for Motorbikes

October 30, 2013

Zircotec has launched Endurance Range coatings, specifically designed to provide a durable surface finish for motorbike exhaust systems. Derived from the Performance Range, ther new coatings are applied using a proprietary plasma-sprayed process to deliver an extremely well-adhered and hard wearing finish, which significantly outlasts aftermarket paints, according to the firm. The company reports that the coating is smoother to the touch than the standard range, and therefore easier to keep clean, and is aesthetically pleasing yet also contains an element of thermal protection to reduce heat soak and thermal damage.

The entire Endurance Range has passed Zircotec's laboratory test program, including lifetime testing up to a simulated 100,000 miles use.  guarantee. The Endurance Range is currently available in three different finishes - Endurance Black, (matt black finish) Endurance Metallic Black (incorporates a metallic fleck and Endurance Graphite (matt grey finish).