ICE '99

August 9, 2005

Here is our show guide to the companies and exhibits at ICE in Dallas, TX.

Dallas is the site of the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology's (FSCT) International Coatings Expo Oct. 20-22. Many companies take advantage of this opportunity to unveil new products and exhibit their existing lines. Here is a review of some of the booths at ICE '99. Turn to page 84 of the print version of Coatings World to see the layout of the Dallas Convention Center. Click here for a list of exhibitors.

AlliedSignal Specialty Chemical is featuring a range of products including A-C brand polyethylene, Acumist brand polyolefin and Aclyn brand polethylene. The company will also exhibit Lumilux luminescent pigments, including glow-in the-dark and fluorescent products.

Ashland Specialty Chemical Co. (Drew Industrial Division Chemical Additives unit) is featuring the following product lines: new foam control agents for use in clear, high performance coatings, urethane updates on acrylic rheology modifiers, updates on specialty waxes and an updated supplier recommendation index.

BFGoodrich is featuring its extensive line of waterborne polymers, pigments and pigment dispersions.

Bowers Process Equipment, Inc. is displaying a 40-litre concentric disperser/mixer in stainless steel which is designed for pressure and full vacuum use.

The complete line of Brookfield Engineering Labs' laboratory and process equipment featuring the high shear CAP viscometer, digital "Krebs" reading viscomoeter, a low-cost digital viscometer and a new in-line digital display viscometer will be on display.

Burgess Pigment Company is featuring the specialty thermo-optic Optiwhite series, hydrous clay products and specific exterior exposure panels from the company's expanded test fence facility.

BYK Chemie USA Inc. is highlighting several new wetting and dispersing additives for both solvent and aqueous coatings. The 350 family of acrylate levelling and anti-cratering additives along with the BYK 332, a silicone additive for solvent-based coatings.

Cabot Corp. is featuring fumed silica and pigment blacks for liquid and powder coatings applications.

Calgon Corp. is featuring its newly developed biocide combinations. According to the company, a number of biocides are in the development and registration stages.

Cardolite Corp. is featuring a new low viscosity multi-purpose resin modifier and a new fast curing phenalkamine to assist in the formulation of high/100% solids coatings.

CB Mills is introducing a new innovation in processing technology at ICE. Check out CB Mills' entire line of mixers, mills, stills and dispensing equipment on the company's interactive cd-rom.

Celanese Chemicals is featuring products for resins and coatings featuring two grades of methyl acetate and new performance solvents Butoxyl and Polysolvan O.

Products being displayed by CKWitco include CoatOSil and Silquest silanes for crosslinking and adhesion promotion; Witcobond aqueous polyurethane dispersions; CoatOSil and Silwet additives for slip, mar resistance, flow, levelling, and foam control; organic surfactants; emulsion polymerization; Witcolate ether sulfates; and organic peroxide initiators for high-solids acrylics.

Coating thickness measurement instruments are being featured by CMI International. Designed to be easy to use, the equipment provides high inspection productivity and accuracy.

Condea Servo LLC is featuring SER-AD coatings additives and other well-known additives marketed under the names Exkin, Nuodex and Nuosperse. Condea Servo LLC's products include wetting and dispersing agents, driers, thickening agents, anti-foaming agents, anti-skinning agents, corrosion inhibitors, coalescing agents and specialty monomers.

Cortec Corp. will feature its corrosion inhibitor and rust preventative systems based on vapor corrosion inhibitor technology.

During the show, Cray Valley will introduce a comprehensive line of organic thixotropes for solventborne coatings.

Creanova Inc., a subsidiary of Degussa-H�ls Corp., is featuring its architectural and industrial color systems, high-solids colorant dispersions, pearlescent dispersions, a complete line of coatings raw materials including aliphatic diisocyanates, diamine epoxy hardener raw materials, saturated polyester resins, powder coating crosslinkers and a comprehensive line of biocides.

DeFelsko is highlighting the recently redesigned PosiTector 100 for measuring single and multiple-layer coatings on non-metals, as well as the Postitector 6000 series hand-held coating thickness gages.

Degussa-H�ls Corporation is exhibiting numerous high-performance products for the paint and coatings industry, including Aerosil fumed silicas; a wide range of amorphous precipitated silicas; Acematt flatting agents; silane coupling agents for adhesion promotion, waterborne silanes and various specialty carbon blacks.

Disti-Kleen Inc. is displaying the Disti Super Cleaner, a portable cleaning system for tote tanks and stationary tanks.

Stop by to learn about D/L Laboratories, an independent testing and consulting lab with ISO approval and accreditation by the U.S. Department of Commerce (NVLAP) and the Canadian general Standards Board (CGSB) for paints and sealants.

Dover Chemical Corp. is introducing innovations designed to improve coating formulations. These developments include advanced chlorinated paraffins for water and chemical resistance, Milidin GX-3 for pH control and buffering, and high-quality nonyl phenol.

The Dow Chemical Company is exhibiting D.E.R. liquid and solid epoxy resins, D.E.N. epoxy novolac resins, D.E.H. hardeners and acrylic monomers including glycidyl methacrylate (GMA). New D.E.R. solid resins include D.E.R. 6508, D.E.R. 6615 and XZ 92478.00. Dow will also exhibit Dowanol P-series glycol ethers and Dowicil antimicrobials for aqueous-based paints.

A new generation of DCP/Megaflow-C will be introduced by Draiswerke Inc. (1434). The mill was specifically developed for achieving the ultimate in fine grinding with the narrowest particle size distribution. The company will also showcase DDA, the direct dispersion system for continuous feeding of solids and liquids and the DUSA basket mill.

Drais Mannheim, Germany, is presenting its new generation of high performance micro media mills: micro volume double cylindrical gap mill Cosmo, triple impact/shear media mill Advantis and double chamber peg mill SuperFlow.

Visit Dry Branch Kaolin/ECC International/Georgia Marble Co. to see how this new company can assist your product development and manufacturing.

DuPont offers Zonyl fluorosurfactants and fluoroadditives. The first reduces surface tension and improves finish quality in all coating types. The latter gives unique properties to coatings for soil repellency, lubricity and easy cleaning.

DuPont Nylon Intermediates and Specialties provides products, development and application support to the paint and coatings industry. Offerings include new products, DBE microemulsion and Dimethyl-2-Piperidone, which complement its well established line of monomers, solvents and crosslinkers.

DuPont-Zypan is featuring DuPont Zypan polyaniline-a key ingredient in the Corrpassiv anti-corrosion coating system for industrial use.

Eagle Zinc Company/ Meadow-brook Company manufactures American process, lead-free zinc oxides for the paint and coatings industry, as well as low micron, high-metallic zinc dust.

Eckart will relay details on its new 22,000-sq.ft. technical service center at its Louisville, KY aluminum pigment plant and its new bronze pigment manufacturing facility in Painesville, OH.

Eiger Machinery, Inc. is exhibiting lab and production horizontal bead mills, dispersers and mixers including a new PLC controlled Eiger laboratory "mini" mill, new PLC-controlled 10 lite production micro media mill and a new in-line disperser. Also exhibited will be a new line of Rexon gravimetric dispensing systems.

Elcometer Inc. is exhibiting the Elcometer 215 oven-logger, which records part and oven air temperature during the cure cycle.

Elektro Physik is displaying its full line of coating thickness gages as well as viscosity, appearance and physical test devices.

Elementis Pigments Inc. is featuring several product including Rheolate 212 additive, Rheoloate 420 versatile alkali swellable thickener, Tint-Ayd pigment dispersions and Slip-Ayd surface conditioners.

The Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology has information on the FSCT's complete line of educational publications and upcoming programs. Visitors may pick up a sample copy of the Federation's monthly publication, the Journal of Coatings Technology, the FSCT's Product Catalog, or get information on becoming a member of the FSCT.

First Chemical Corp. manufactures additives that include cure promoters, photoinitiators, amine synergists and polymerization inhibitors for applications that include printing inks, varnishes, lacquers, coatings, adhesives and photoresist.

Fryma, Inc./Ystral is displaying the Ystral powder induction mixer, type Conti TDS, which inducts powder into liquid virtually dust-free and efficiently disperses it.

Fuji Silysia Chemical is featuring its line of high quality silica gel for all coating applications. GSE Dispsensing Inc. will display its fully automated and computerized gravimetric dispensing system designed for use with all type of coatings.

Hercules Inc.'s Aqualon Division is introducing Aquaflow rheology modifiers for industrial and architectural coatings. The company will also showcase the Natrosol product line.

Heucotech Ltd. is introducing a new blue shade phthalocyanine green and beta blue to the Heuco organic pigment line. In addition, a cleaner yellow and two deeper red oxides have been added to the Heucorox pallet. The company will also showcase Heucophos CHP, a new anti-corrosive pigment.

Hockmeyer Equipment Corp. is emphasizing the importance of high quality mixing and milling results and the significance of particle distribution. The counter peg immersion mill will be featured along with the new HPAS 2000 Particle Analysis System.

Hoover Materials Handling is featuring its packaging products used for the storage and transportation chemicals .

Horiba Instruments Inc. is exhibiting its full line of particle characterization instruments including the new LA-300 particle size analyzer, a high-performance, low-cost analyzer.

HunterLab is introducing the new ColorQuest XE spectrophotometer that provides high precision at an affordable price. The system is used for both quality control and color formulation

ICI Paints North America is featuring process development, scale-up and manufacture for R&D purposes of liquid and solid polymers and other coatings/paint intermediates. Also featured will be latex (emulsion) polymers, waterborne dispersions, solution polymers, polyesters/alkyds and solid flaked polymers produced in computer-controlled, 10- to 300-gallon scale batch polymerization pilot plant.

Inoue USA is displaying its planetary mixer. The mixer features two, open frame blades which are precisely designed for close clearance between the blades and the vessel's inner walls creating a strong shearing force resulting in excellent mixing, kneading and dispersion.

Laporte Inc. is exhibiting its four paint and coating subsidiaries under one booth�Aztec Peroxides, Laporte Pigments, Southern Clay Products and Laporte Performance Chemicals.

The Leneta Company is displaying its selection of more than 100 drawdown charts plus standardized substrates of metal and wood, along with accessories to help customers get the best drawdown.

Littleford Day, Inc. is featuring processing equipment including mixers, coating equipment, granulators, agglomerators, vacuum dryers, liquid dispersers and pressure reactors.

Liquid Controls is displaying its full line of positive displacement (PD) meters, electromagnetic (mag) meters, Coriolis mass flow meters and turbine meters, which offer the ultimate in application driven volumetric and mass flow measurement.

Easy to dispose containers for shipping non-hazardous liquids are being displayed by Longview Fibre Company, including the new cubical tote sized container, Liquiplex LSQ. Containers are shipped folded down and can be easily set-up and filled in minutes.

Lord Corporation is featuring Aqualast elastomer emulsions, a new line of unique products that offer great utility for many end-use applications. Products include emulsions of butyl, Hypalon and other high molecular weight elastomers.

Vertal 403, a high purity, macrocrystalline, platy talc that provides unique benefits in high solids epoxy, waterborne latex and compliant urethane coatings is being introduced by Luzenac America, Inc.

Lyondell Chemical is featuring its compliant solvents and novel resin intermediates.

Malvern Minerals Company is featuring its Novacite/Novakup lines of treated and untreated platy Arkansas quartz.

Micro Powders will have a hospitality suite at the Adam's Mark hotel on Wednesday, Oct. 20 and Thursday, Oct. 21 beginning at 4:30 p.m. each night. The company invites all attendees to visit for free gifts, refreshments and a special drawing. Micro Powders' entire technical sales team will be available to answer any questions about the company's full line of specialty wax additives.

Milwhite, Inc. is displaying product samples and literature, and is featuring demonstrations on thixotropic agents for paint and coatings.

Minolta Corporation is featuring Color Touch POS custom paint matching software, compatible with Minolta's variety of color measurement sensors, including the CM-3300d/3100d benchtop spectrophotometers and the CM-508d handheld spectrophotometer. The company is also displaying the CM-3600d benchtop Spectrophotometer with SpectraMatch color formulation software for the paint industry.

Mitsubishi Corporation is featuring TAIC (triallyisocyanurate), which has a triazine ring and a three reactive allyl group that can improve heat/chemical resistance and efficiency of polymerization.

Myers Engineering, Inc. is displaying high speed dispersion equipment which use single, dual and tri-shaft capabilities. These systems can be arranged as stationary tank-mount machines or equipped with hydraulic lifts for use with change cans. A complete size range from laboratory scale to full size equipment is available.

NeoResins, formley Zeneca Resins, is exhibiting new developments in NeoCryl acrylic emulsions for use in light-duty maintenance architectural markets and high gloss, low films for DTM coatings for the industrial coatings market. NeoRez polyurethane dispersions, Haloflex terpolymers and Lumiflon fluoropolymers will also be featured for corrosion resistant primer and topcoats for the auto plastic and industrial maintenance markets.

Netzsch Incorporated's grinding and dispersion division is exhibiting a complete line of equipment, highlighting the LMZ2 recirculating mill and TMC10 as a complete circulation system. Also featured is the dry grinding CP 360 Mill, a single drive version of the classifier mill and the Netzsch De-Aerator, a versatile continuous machine used to remove air from various slurries over a wide range of viscosities.

New Way Packaging Machinery is displaying its improved pail labeler and a low-cost modular gallon labeler.

NYCO Minerals, Inc., a producer of wollastonite, is featuring its diverse line of untreated and surface modified products for paints and coatings.

Peninsula Polymers, a supplier of a broad spectrum of functional polymers to the coatings, adhesives and sealant industries, is featuring acrylics, alkyds, polyesters, crosslinkers, urethanes, epoxies and radiation and peroxide cure systems.

Poly-Resyn, Inc. is featuring HAP- (hazardous air pollutant) free Suspenso 201-NBA using the new generation, original moisture free technology. Suspenso 201-NBA is an anti-sag, anti-settling rheological additive for use in solvent formulas requiring HAP's compliance. Also on display is Suspenso 201-MS, used to obtain improved brushability and settling control in trade sale formulas.

Hollow microspheres offering multifunctional benefits, including density reduction, viscosity control and improved performance, are being displayed by PQ Corporation.

PRA Laboratories, Inc. will offer details on its full-service independent laboratory for the North American paint industry. PRA specializes in product development, product and market surveys, analytical services and product failure analysis.

Red Devil Equipment Co. is displaying its complete line of paint mixers and manual colorant dispensers.

A fully operational lab-size-dual shaft helical blade mixer with a press out system, and various static mixers are being displayed by Reynolds Industries, Inc.

Rohm and Haas is featuring various acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acrylic binders for architectural coatings. Maincote resins for waterborne metal coatings, Paraloid solid grade and solution grade resins for a variety of factory finishing and maintenance applications will also be showcased, as well as information on a new Ropaque opaque polymer formulation.

Ronningen-Petter is exhibiting a complete line of liquid filtration products designed for use in all types of coatings applications.

R.T. Vanderbilt Company, Inc. is featuring current applications data and visual comparisons on the performance of the company's HAPs-free Vancor corrosion inhibitors and low KU grades of Nytal, talc-Nytal 3300 and Nytal 7700. Information on Activ-8, Vancide, Nytal, Pyrax and Vantal will also be available.

Warren Rupp Inc. is displaying a variety of SandPIPER diaphragm pumps and RuppTech controls. Newest to the line are SandPIPER II non-metal pumps, rugged, plastic pumps that are all-bolted and guaranteed non-stall.

Shamrock Technologies is exhibiting its broad line of micronized powders, dispersions, emulsions and compounds, including PTFE, polyethylene, polypropylene, fluoropolymers, custom wax alloys, natural waxes and specialty additives. New products include extensions to the company's line of Fluoro AQ wax additives, new texture additives and additions to the Everglide series emulsions.

Shell Chemicals is featuring its innovative products and technologies, including Epon epoxy resins, Epi-Rez waterborne epoxy resins, Epi-Cure curing agents, Cardura glycidyl esters and Veova vinyl esters.

Silberline Manufacturing Co., Inc. is featuring metallic, holographic and polychromatic aluminum related effect pigments. The company has more than 400 aluminum leafing and non-leafing grades available in pastes, pellets and de-dusted flakes.

Soluol Chemical Co., Inc. offers a complete line of waterborne and solventborne polyurethane resins for the paint, coatings, graphic arts, blister packaging and other industries. The company is highlighting Solucote 102-211, a self crosslinking, aliphatic waterborne polyurethane, and Solucote 17-73MA, a high solids moisture curing polyurethane resin for industrial coatings.

Thomas Scientific is displaying applicators, viscometers, fineness of grind gages, gloss meters and a variety of general lab products.

UCB Chemicals Corporation is featuring Ebecryl oligomers, a wide range of monomers and Uvacure cycloaliphatic epoxy materials for UV and EB curing applications. It will also feature Crylcoat powder coatings polyester resins for use in PY, TGIC, hybrid and primed systems. Special emphasis will be given to Uvecoat low temperature powder coating resins.

During the show, UMR Coatings Institute will offer information on its research, educational and industrial short courses. Resumes of graduates and potential research opportunities are open for discussion.

Union Process Inc. is showcasing the patented QC-Mill for super-fine, small media milling. The company's line of Attritor fine grinding and dispersing mills also be on display.

United Mineral & Chemical Corporation will showcase its "General Store" featuring the company's line of fluorescent and phosphorescent pigments, resins and additives.

Uniqema, formerly ICI Surfactants, is introducing new products in its line of Zephrym high performance dispersants. Zephrym products are effective in both solvent- and water-based formulations.

U.S. Silica Company is featuring architectural and traffic paints. The company supplies Sil-Co-Sil and Min-U-Sil ground silica and Snow*Tex 45 calcinated kaolin to the paint and coatings industries.

VanDeMark Group is exhibiting information about PTSI, a highly reactive moisture scavenger used to produce urethane-based coatings. PTSI works well when used to manufacture moisture-curing and two-component pigmented coatings systems, as well as in sealant and adhesive formulations.

Van Waters & Rogers Inc. is displaying a wide array of chemical products for the paint and coatings industry. Product lines include acrylic monomers, acrylic resins, adhesion promoters, amines, biocides, coalescing aids, defoamers, fumed silica, glycols, silicone resins, solvents and surfactants.

Vanwyk Corporation features liquid and powder dispense systems, mixers and washers as well as the in-can direct compact dispenser.

Vianova Resins is exhibiting its high performance, environmentally compliant resins, additives and crosslinkers. Resins include acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy, alkyd, acrylic/alkyd hybrids, phenolics, polyester and melamines which are used in formulating waterborne, high-solid or powder coatings.

Wacker Polymer Systems is featuring its Pioloform binders for coatings and flexographic, gravure and screen printing inks; Vinnol surface coating resins for flexible packaging primers and strippable coatings; Vinnapas solid resins for coatings, adhesives, lacquers and finishes; Vinnapas redispersible powders for construction materials; and Vinnex Futurebound thermoplastic binding powders.

Western Equipment will offer information on buying and selling used manufacturing and laboratory equipment for the chemical process industry.

The Westvaco Corporation's St. John's Department is introducing a line of water-based, low VOC polymers featuring three new acrylic hybrid technologies: Armorez for chemical and household cleaner resistance; Hyatop for alkyd-like gloss and wet adhesion, and TLX 7333-06 for water and stain resistance. The company will also highlight its unique synthetic opacifiers for titanium dioxide extension.

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