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CA Awards Duro Coat

August 9, 2005

l Although a new global standard for industrial coatings, ISO 12044, was developed in 1999 to replace individual national standards such as BS5493 and DIN55928, International Protective Coatings (IPC) wants to raise awareness among engineers and specifiers.
“As our business became more global, it was obvious that we needed a constant reference so that whoever we were talking to, wherever they happened to come from, we were speaking in the same technical language and comparing like with like,” said Mike Mitchell, International Protective Coatings’ worldwide technical director. “Inevitably with such a major exercise, there are some parts of the standard that work better in practice than others, and some parts are being revised accordingly, but overall it is already proving a very useful guideline for everyone involved in paint specifications and applications.”
Mr. Mitchell said the global standard covers the issue of which party is responsible at each development stage. “This prevents unnecessary arguments–everyone knows exactly what they