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Carbon Black Demand

August 9, 2005

“The glossary was prompted by the scattered and sometimes incorrect terms used in industrial UV curing technologies,” said Robin Wright of 3M. “It is intended to provide common and technical meanings as used in and appropriate for UV process design, measurement and specification.”
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l Demand for carbon black in the paint and coatings industry will increase from 66,000 metric tons in 1999 to 88,000 metric tons in 2009, according to a new study published by the Freedonia Group. Non-rubber applications, referred to as special blacks, accounted for 6.3% of world carbon black consumption in 1999. Other special black applications include plastics and printing inks.
While plastic and printing ink applications will account for 75% of special black demand in 2004, the Freedonia Group reports that the paint and coatings market is a major end-use for carbon black in developed regions. The lack of paint and coatings markets in many developing nations mitigates the importance of this end-use on a world level, according to the report.
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