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Paint Meets Leather in BASF Forecast

August 9, 2005

Color forecasting plays a major role in the coatings industry–manufacturers need to keep tabs on what consumers want, whether it be the color of bedroom furniture or a new automobile. Earlier this year, automotive manufacturers received a sneak peak at automotive exterior colors will be hot during BASF’s annual color forecast (see Coatings World, July 2001, p.16). With the growing trend to coordinate interior and exterior designs, BASF’s coatings division teamed up with BASF’s leather marketing unit to host a joint color show entitled “In the Move.” Coatings color specialists from Europe, U.S. and Japan shared their thoughts on what’s to come in terms of exterior looks. BASF’s leather technicians discussed the use of leather on areas other than car seats, such as door moldings, dash boards and steering wheels
“Our intention is to enable stylists to perfectly tune the color of the vehicle’s interior leather decor to the exterior finish or, on the contrary, to achieve effective color contrasts,” said Renate Weber, BASF Coatings’ color stylist.