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PPG To Upgrade Entire System of

August 9, 2005

l As part of its continued ISO 9001 certification, PPG Industries will upgrade its entire collection of QUVs throughout its coatings R&D facility and automotive plant locations during the next three to five years.
“We estimate we’ll be saving 200 man hours per year once we have all our new QUVs,” said Jesse Shearin, PPG’s quality control manager. “I would say that the big advantage to the QUV is that you can get a lot of quantitative data quickly on the differences in performance between materials, without spending $100,000 on a larger piece of equipment.”
PPG will upgrade its QUV accelerated weathering testers from a basic model to the Solar Eye model from Q-Panel Lab Products.
In other news, Nissan has named PPG Industries its sole supplier to its facility in Canton, MS. The new facility is scheduled to begin production in 2003. PPG will supply pretreatment through clearcoats at the 2.6-million-sq.ft. complex which will produce 250,000 vehicles per year. Among the vehicles PPG will supply coatings for are full-size pickups, SUVs and minivans.
In addition, PPG has formed a joint venture with a local, minority-owned business, Systems Consultants Associates of Jackson, MS, to coat chassis frames, suspension parts, other underbody components and replacement parts with its anti-corrosion electrodeposition primer. The JV, Systems Electro Coating, will operate a facility next to the Nissan plant.