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Hirshfield’s Paint Mfg. Helps Needy Families

August 9, 2005

Hirshfield’s Paint Manufacturing, Inc. put their recycled paint to good work this past summer at the Minneappolis, MN Metro Paint-A-Thon, which helps elderly and disabled city residents give their homes a new coat of paint. Volunteers from corporations and church and civic groups painted houses with 1900 gallons of discounted ReneWall reprocessed latex paint and 100 gallons of new paint.
The Minneapolis, MN-based company mixed 445 gallons of recycled paint from mis-tinted and discontinued paint with virgin paint to create six recycled color choices (white, tan, light and dark gray, green and red) for the needy homeowners.
“Hirshfield’s partnership with Paint-A-Thon is a perfect example of our strong commitment to preventing pollution, reducing waste, recycling and investing in the local community,” said Linda Lindquist, Hirshfield’s recycling manager. “We can help needy families and find solutions to keep paint from being discarded as waste.”