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August 9, 2005

● DuPont and PPG agree:
silver is still the gold
standard when it comes
to car colors. Recent
color popularity surveys
released by both companies
showed that silver
was the most popular
color among vehicle buyers
during the 2001
model year.
“Over the last few
years, silver has significantly
increased in popularity
among consumers,
displacing green
as one of the most popular
colors,” said William
E. Michael, PPG’s director
of global color technology-
automotive coatings.
Silver lead North
American color popularity
with 19% of the market,
according to PPG.
DuPont’s 2001 automotive color popularity survey revealed that silver was the most popular choice
in the luxury, full/intermediate and sport/compact categories in North America, and it was the second
most popular choice in the SUV/truck/van category.
Globally, silver represented 21% of the vehicles manufactured in North America and silver/gray
accounted for 36% in Europe, according to DuPont. In Asia, gray—which includes silver metallic—
accounted for 43% of the vehicles manufactured during the 2001 model year.
“Sophisticated automotive styling cues, such as the color silver, express the technology driven lifestyles of today’s consumer,” said Robert S. Daily, color styling and
marketing manager for DuPont Herberts Automotive systems.
What’s on the horizon? PPG’s manager of advanced styling-international
color styling group, said to look for “exciting shades such as light
ice blue, medium teal, burgundy reds, wood-toned and orange browns
and yellow shades of green.”
Mr. Daily also noted the rise of yellow in the marketplace, fueled by
pale shades and soft golden metallics in sport and luxury vehicles.
Yellow, which is also giving added punch to sporty cars and light trucks,
has moved into the top 12 colors over the past two years, according to

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