August 9, 2005

● Patent No. U.S. 6,333,068 B1
Colas, Boulogne, Billancourt,
France, has been awarded a patent
covering a drying time accelerator for
a water-based paint, the paint and an
application method.
The method entails spraying onto a
support a water-based paint that contains
mineral particles, polymer
binder and waste-based dispersion,
and a dispersing agent consisting of
an emulsion polymerization agents;
distributing light-reflecting balls
within the paint; the drying time
accelerator is comprised of mineral
particles, polymer binder with waterbased
dispersion; dispersing agents
consisting of emulsion polymerization
agent; and water-soluble drying accelerator
having a polymeric structure,
comprising cationic charges and being
selected from metallic polychlorides,
metallic polyoxychlorides or synthesis
polyacrylamide polymer.