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Chroma-Chem Industrial

August 9, 2005

Degussa’s coatings and colorants business
unit is offering a new line ofindustrial colorants, Chroma-Chem
Ultra 842. These high-performance
acrylic resin dispersions are broadly
compatible with the latest urethane,
epoxy and high-solids systems as well
as conventional industrial coatings
technology, according to Degussa.
Designed for use in non-aqueous
industrial and maintenance applications,
Chroma-Chem Ultra 842 colorants
are low-VOC, machine dispensable,
APE-free and high pigment
loaded. They also provide enhanced
bake adhesion, water resistance and
compatibility performance. In addition,
Chroma-Chem Ultra 842 colorants are
available from Degussa for custom dispersions.