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New Model in

August 9, 2005

● CPS Color has introduced the most recent
model of its Monimatic series of automatic
dispensers, the Monimatic
Rondo. The Rondo, an upgrade of the
Studio model, incorporates many
improvements, including a new design
and ease of operation, according to the
company. The panels can be custom
colored in any shade of the Nova 720
spectrum, and space has been left
inside for the integration of peripheral
equipment and accessories. A can
table, hydraulic keyboard arm and
monitor support have been added
making the Rondo more comfortable
to operate, even at high paint volumes,
according to the company.
Important technical improvements
have been made as well. An advanced
nozzle closing system, which allows the
use of ethylene glycol-based, propyleneglycol-
based and non-VOC colorants
has been added. The maximum number
of canisters has been increased to