Polymerization, Compatibilized

August 9, 2005

Polymerization, Compatibilized
Blending and Particle Size
Control of Powder Coatings
● Patent No. U.S. 6,340,722 B1
The University of Akron, Akron,
OH, has obtained a patent for a process
to produce powder coatings in a fluid
at a supercritical temperature and at a
supercritical pressure. It is comprised
of: polymerizing monomers to form a
polymer for a powder coatings in a
supercritical fluid, said polymerizing
being carried out in said supercritical
fluid at supercritical conditions of temperatures
up to approximately 190°C;
compatibilized blending said polymer
with additives to form a powder coating
in a supercritical fluid; and particle
size classifying said powder coating,
without a grinding stage, in a supercritical

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