Paint & Coatings Manufacturer News


August 10, 2005

● Ace Hardware Corp.’s Ace Paint division has decided to drop freight fees for any quantity of paint ordered,
regardless of the gallonage.
“Our Ace retailers asked for simplification of their program, and we have responded,” said Rick
Bristol, director of the Ace Paint division. “This eliminates having to wait to accumulate a 100 gallon
order to save money on freight charges. With this change, Ace retailers can order reasonable just-in-time
inventory and increase turnover. We’ve just made Ace Paint simpler and easier to purchase.”
Ace Paint services 5,000 retailers in the U.S. and internationally from Matteson and Chicago Heights,
IL. The two plants have a combined annual capacity of 20 million gallons. The new freight-fee status is
effective August 1, according to the company.