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Sherwin-Williams Honored by the Pentagon

August 10, 2005

At a May 23 ceremony conducted by renovation program officials at the Pentagon, The Sherwin-Williams Com-pany was honored for its September 17 donation of 10,000 gallons of paint, which the company committed to help repair damage caused by the September 11 terrorist attacks.
To represent the company’s donation, Christopher Connor, chairman and chief executive officer of The Sherwin-Williams Company, presented a commemorative paint can to Lee Evey, Pentagon renovation program manager, before a contingent of Pentagon representatives, senators and military officials at the Pentagon’s Phoenix Project reconstruction site in Washington, D.C.
“Sherwin-Williams is proud to be a part of this rebuilding effort,” said Mr. Connor. “We hope this gesture will, in some way, honor those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks and lift the morale of those who, each day, work in this building on behalf of the American public.”
Mr. Connor was presented with a “Piece of the Pentagon Award” by Mr. Evey in acknowledgment of the paint manufacturer’s donation.